Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Much Thinking

I have had so many things flying around in my head lately, I don't know where to start...

The first thing I have been thinking about is my faith in god. I believe in god and always have and always will, I have to admit I have questioned his ways in the past few years when it comes to my life's path. I know people always say we make our own path's in life but I know God has his hand in it too.

I have struggled the last few years with alot of things that has happened in my life and I know alot of the choices I have made has not been the best. But I just wish if God is trying to tell me something then he needs to just come talk to me and let me know, because all this hardship is really taking its toll on me.. I have not been to a actual church in a long time, and I have been looking but there is no church that I feel comfortable with in my town. I want a church that is friendly and the people take the time to get to know you.

The second thing I have been thinking about is my health. I have asthma and have dealt with almost dying a few times. I was without insurance for a long time so I could not get my right meds, but my wonderful doctor found me a program that now I can get all my meds for free. Now the biggest thing is my weight, I have put on a few pounds since leaving my first husband and it is so hard to get them off. I have never been this big and it affects my breathing and sometimes I am ashamed of myself. I have decided to try and do some portion control and not snack after a certain time at night. I need to drink more water and stay away from the soda. It is so hard to eat the right things and lose the weight. so please pray that I can over come things road block and make myself better.


  1. I wouldn't consider it as "to much thinking" ...look at it as contemplating or maybe even meditating.

    Sometimes Netty, we run into a lot of bumps on our paths of life. And more often those bumps are painful while other times it is just discomfort. But that where we learn...that is where we have to look at our hearts and discover ourselves, who we are and why we are where we are. Why did we make those type of choices.

    No, it might not be the best of choices or good judgements but its through that we also live and we experience things so that we not only learn but so we may often teach others too.

    (hope that made sense)

    Our journey will take us to places we don't expect and until we all open our eyes to see or pull out the ear plugs to hear what God is telling us, we may never understand it. But it does fall in place eventually and then we will hear ourselves say..."ohhhhh that is what that meant" or "Ohhh I understand now God...."

    Of course, none of the things in our lives make ssense to us. But it just takes us longer to get it. lol (guilty here!!)

    Have you heard the song, PIlGRIM by Enya? It is on my playlist, if you have not heard it, go listen to it. Listen carefully to the words. I'm sure when it is done, you might go..."Ohhhh Ok! I get it"

    All the answers...lies within YOU!

  2. Take care of yourself! Glad to hear about getting the help you deserve ;)

    Thank you for following, I'm now a follower :)

  3. OH PLEASE! We're WOMEN!! Its our nature to "think to much!" Its like breathing air! Someone hast to think around here. :)

    I understand about searching for God and having direction in your life. I have just started to go back to church. I just found a wonderful one to start attending just last weekend. I don't know a soul, but that's ok.

    I consider it "me time" or Me and God time. Time for Him to work things out that need to be straightened up in my life so that I may find peace. ESPECIALLY in tough times as these.

    He has never left you my new friend.

    ‘You will seek me
    and find me when
    you seek me with
    all your heart.’
    declares the Lord
    Jeremiah 29 v 13

    Don't give up. He is waiting for you to help you. :)

  4. Ok--I tried to leave a comment a little while ago but I have trouble leaving comments in blogs where its embedded below the post. Let's see if I can do this again lol....I never thought I would be the answer to help someone but I think that you must have been led to my blog for a reason. Please check out my posts on God, etc...along with my new blog at I just started the second blog...but it's for people like us I think lol. I too am trying to lose weight. I also wanted to tell you that sometimes when we think God is testing us it isn't in fact him, it's just that the devil has snuck his way into our lives and is causing turmoil. I think God has answered both of our prayers my new friend...I was looking to be sure I was going the right direction and doing the right thing and you're looking for some things yourself. I believe he just did a two-for-one deal here. I'll be checking on you my new friend!

  5. e-mail is e-mail anytime!