Saturday, June 20, 2009

missing the kids

Well I know this is weird but I really miss my kids...LOL When they are here they drive me nuts.. ..
My daughter is off traveling with her b/f and his family and my son is with his dad.. My girl at least texts me but I have not heard from my son at all, I know he is having fun with his dad but dang he could miss me a little bit..LOL

It has been raining alot here the last two days and it is so muggy as heck... I did get to sit out by the lake for a little bit last night.. It was so relaxing and peaceful. I took my book and read for a few while enjoying the scenery..

I will write more later, I am in the middle of making rolled cabbage.... the hubby loves them, they are my favorite but what is a girl to do..LOL


  1. rolled cabbage?! omg!! now I'm hungry! see now I forgot what I was going to say. see what u started lady! I love cabbage.

  2. I totally understand the thing about missing your kids when they aren't around! Hahaha!

    I'm in Northern California and believe it or not we've been having some crazy weather too! We were in Southern California last week and there was one day when I could have used an umbrella!

    Never had rolled cabbage, but I do love cabbage! Sounds yummy!